The Community Moderators is a group of people who works with the Scratch Team. They claim they are helping to moderate the forums, but that is not true. They have quite an activity log, according to Steam.

On October 32, 2001, the moderator program ended due to the fact that most moderators did a bad job helping the Scratch Team taking over the world.

Members Edit

  • Harakou, a cat
  • sparks, an electrician who proved Mario's theory that "all toasters toast toast"
  • jji7skyline, founder of the Text-Based Games Forum
  • gettysburg11, historian who likes the Civil War
  • LS97, a human
  • Lucario621, a Nintendo fan
  • Scimonster, a monster who used to live under someone's bed
  • silvershine, a fox with silver fur
  • MyRedNeptune, who was colorblind and thought Neptune was red
  • JSO, a cat
  • coolstuff, an avid collector

Retired members Edit

  • fullmoon, a werewolf cat who joined the Scratch Team for a while
  • Jens, a lion
  • illusionist, a kid who lied about his age, just to become a moderator
  • Wolfie1996, a wolf
  • demosthenes, someone
  • Kaj[citation needed]

Ending the Community Moderator Program Edit

On October 32, 2001, the Community Moderator Program ended due to most Community Moderators doing a bad job to help the Scratch Team. However, Harakou did a good job, so he became a member of the Scratch Team. Sparks took out the trash, but he wasn't a cat, so he simply continued moderating. The program was replaced with Scratch Mentors.